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I was educated at Cambridge University (Jesus College). My BA was in Mathematics, and my Ph.D. on "Unsteady Distortion Noise" was completed in 1997 under the supervision of Dr Nigel Peake. The Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) has since moved to Wilberforce Road, as part of the gleaming new Centre of Mathematical Science.
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Along the way, I grew to know some quite remarkable people. First is a controversial old astronomer (and part-time cricketer),  Prof. Raymond Lyttleton; I wrote a short tribute back in 1995. Others include my  good friends from Jesus College, Pete Williams and Liz Soilleux, who have stayed on well beyond their Ph.D's.

One major influence during and after my time in Cambridge was the late Professor David Crighton, formerly Head of DAMTP, Master of Jesus College and my secondary Ph.D advisor. A memorial concert was held in 2001, with all proceeds going to Mathematics and/or Music funds set up in his name. 1500 beautifully produced and packaged CD's of the concert recordings (violin/cello/piano trio) have been on sale since Christmas 2001. Only a few copies are left: please e-mail me (if you are in N.America) or order a copy from Michael McIntyre's concert website if you'd like to receive one. For those interested in Michael McIntyre's excellent writings on fluid dynamics, lucidity and science etc, here is his regular website.
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University of Miami:    RSMAS | Meteorology and Physical Oceanography | Meteorology | National Forecast Contest Local: Key Biscayne | Miami | Weather Data | USWX Weather
View from my residence on Key Biscayne  
Another dull mid-November evening in the Keys (thanx Joe Cione)
Aerial View of Key Biscayne (Courtesy NOAA)  View from work (Courtesy Geoff Samuels)

Places for a news fix:  BBC, The Guardian, CNN , New York Times , Washington Post , Los Angeles Times , Miami Herald , San Francisco Chronicle , Boston Globe

Despite my slowly waning enthusiasm for modern cricket (for several reasons), I still maintain the same pages on the science behind the Swing of a Cricket Ball, which have been in existence since 1995. The main article was written by R. A. Lyttleton for Sir Donald Bradman's famous book, The Art Of Cricket, published in 1959. Here are some low-quality gif files of an article on cricket ball swing I recently wrote for an Indian children's magazine, Sandesh (translated into Bengali). Pages 1 2 3.

Soccer information is well covered in Soccernet, and here are the live scores in Europe. I support the troubled Watford Football Club, who somehow made the FA Cup Semi-Finals in 2003.
Australian Football is my favourite sport, despite having not been in Oz for nearly a decade. The mighty Essendon Football Club is trying to recapture its dominant period in the AFL. News can be found in The Age or the Hun. The Ballistic Barracudaz are sweeping all before them in the fantasy league FARC (part of AFFSL).

Plenty of annoying pop-ups can be found on the regular NFL sites: CBS Sportsline, CNNSI and ESPN. For reasons best left undisclosed, I follow the hapless Seattle Seahawks.

... and finally, 12 of my favourite albums in recent years.