Sharan Majumdar

Associate Professor
Meteorology and Physical Oceanography (MPO)
Rosenstiel School of Marine and 
Atmospheric Science (RSMAS)
University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149-1098

Phone : (305) 421 4779
Fax : (305) 421 4696
e-mail : smajumdar at rsmas dot miami dot edu

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Professional Service

MPO 674 (Predictability)

MSC 243 (Weather Forecasting)

MSC 118 (Winter Storms Lecture): 2/12/14

Hurricane Wilma Photos

National Geographic Article

Cricket Article in the Times (UK)

Two new Ph.D. studentships available in Fall 2014: (1) Environmental influences on tropical cyclone outflow; (2) Synergistic utilization of future satellite wind data on tropical cyclone analyses and predictions

PREDICT: Ensemble Forecasts and Predictability of Tropical Cyclogenesis (NSF)

Ryan Torn's PREDICT page
Montgomery Research Group
Ryan Torn's Homepage

Assimilation of satellite data into high-resolution hurricane models (NOPP: NOAA/HFIP and ONR)

Ting-Chi Wu's research page
CIMSS Tropical Cyclones
NRL Tropical Cyclones

Coordinated Motion of Unmanned Aerial Systems in Tropical Cyclones (NSF)

Derek Paley's page
Video of Aerosonde

Tropical Cyclone Predictability and Adaptive Sampling: TCS-08 and T-PARC (ONR)

Majumdar, Chen and Wu (2010, QJRMS): ETKF properties Yamaguchi and Majumdar (2010, MWR): Ensemble perturbation growth Wu et al. (2009, MWR): Targeting Intercomparison Yamaguchi MS Thesis (2010)
Komaromi MS Thesis (2010) (87 MB!)
IWTC-VII: 7th WMO International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones, La Reunion
Field Catalog
UMiami Targeting Page
2007 ETKF Guidance
2006 ETKF Guidance

Sources of error in 1-8 day hurricane forecasts (NOAA)

Aberson et al. (2010, MWR): Observing System Experiments Reynolds et al. (2007, MWR): Interpretation of adaptive observing guidance
Majumdar et al. (2006, MWR): Intercomparison of adaptive observing guidance
Atlantic ETKF vs TESV Comparisons
Old JHT Project Page

Assimilation of QuikSCAT data and its influence on tropical cyclone forecasts (NOAA/NASA)

Chou et al. (2010, JGR): QuikSCAT Validation GFS/GSI results
Preliminary Results: MM5/4dVar
The QuikSCAT controversy
Congressional Hearing

Evaluating Global Ensemble Forecasts of Hurricanes and Typhoons (ONR/NOAA/UMiami)

Majumdar and Finocchio (2010, WAF): Evaluating ensembles Summer 2008 cases

Predicting the influence of observations on medium-range winter weather forecasts (NOAA/THORPEX)

THORPEX: A decade-long program to understand and improve the predictability of 1-14 day weather forecasts
Majumdar et al. (2010, MWR): ETKF properties for medium-range Sellwood et al. (2008, QJRMS): Evaluation of ETKF Hodyss and Majumdar (2007, QJRMS): Contamination of 'data impact' Toth and Majumdar (2007, BAMS): NOAA THORPEX Science Workshop Petersen, Majumdar and Thorpe (2007, QJRMS): ETKF properties for short-range
THORPEX-DAOS Working Group Meeting, 2010, Montreal, Canada Adaptive Sampling guidance extended to the medium range 2009 Winter T-PARC
Kathryn Sellwood's M.S. Research Page

WISDOM: Launching horizontal balloon sondes to improve hurricane forecasts (NOAA/DHS)

Official WISDOM Website
WISDOM Training Photos
2008 Daily Bulletins

Adaptive Sampling and Prediction in Monterey Bay (ONR)

ROMS model ensemble forecasts of the coastal ocean, and guidance on adaptive sampling of autonomous underwater vehicles
Chao et al. (2008, Limnol. Oceanogr.): Applications of AUVs and models Lermusiaux et al. (2006, Oceanography): Quantifying Uncertainty Home ASAP Virtual Control Room
Virtual Pilot (Mar '06) Meteorology Princeton ASAP Page AOSN-II

African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis: Saharan Air Layer, Adaptive Sampling and Predictability (NASA)

Investigation of AIRS in SAL; Adaptive sampling guidance
Hildebrand MS Thesis (2010)
AMMA International

Lateral Influences on the Madden-Julian Oscillation (NSF)