Florida Rainfall


The previous page makes available both processed data files and gif images using the high resolution digital precipitation (HDP) dataset from the Miami, Florida (AMX), Key West, Florida (BYX), Melbourne, Florida (MLB), and Tampa Bay, Florida (TBW) NEXRAD sites. Data exists for 1996 (AMX only), 1997 (AMX and BYX only), and 1998/1999 (all sites).

Details regarding gif images:

Images of hourly, daily, and monthly totals are available. Looping of the images is also possible if your internet browser is JAVA compatible. The gif images consist of data from a 131 x 131 array of pixels representing radar derived precipitation accumulations. The horizontal resolution is 4 km x 4 km. The color scale on the right side of the image represents the magnitude of the accumulated rainfall on a decibel scale, termed dBA. The following formula converts the units of dBA to millimeters.

P(mm) = 10.0 ** [ P(dBA) / 10.0) ]

where P(mm) = precipitation accumulation in mm
P(dBA) = precipitation accumulation in dBA

The double asterisks indicate that 10 is raised to the power of the quantity in square brackets. For example, a total rainfall accumulation shown on these gif images of 20 dBA would correspond to 100 millimeters or 4 inches. The ratio of hours in the plotted total to the total hours possible in a day/month, expressed as a percentage, for all radar sites is included at the top of the image.

Details regarding processed data files:

The files contain a time series for accumulated radar derived rainfall over the entire radar grid for all available hours of data. The columns are as follows: The source station, the data station, latitude of data station, longitude of data station, the end time of the accumulation period (year, month, day and hour), total accumulated rainfall over the radar grid, and the number of valid pixels.